Before you get started pushing your business, you need to roll play and study a bit. Would you start a tire shop knowing nothing about tires, brands of tires, and what makes them better than another brand? You wouldn’t, and you shouldn’t start an oil business without answering a few questions. Why did you choose to resell Young Living products? What is it about your essential oils that makes you stand out among the thousands of other essential oil resellers currently in the market?
Was it your brands purity or quality? Was it their price? Was it someone you signed up under who did a great job promising you at home work, with amazing pay? While the at home lifestyle and great pay can be a reality if you work hard and are disciplined, it is essential that you develop a strong knowledge of the brand you represent, leveraging what makes your oils unique before you launch your business. Do your homework!
To effectively leverage a brand name like Young Living, you need to develop a message around why someone needs to be using your products and not your competitions. This means not only using Young Living’s products over THEIR competition, but also using you to buy them through or sign up under instead of YOUR competition (the next distributor). Being a distributor who helps others learn about the products and learn about how to sell the products can be your best asset in becoming the distributor you want to be. This doesn’t have to be overly complicated – simple is better – but it has to be effective, and has to relate to those you’re communicating with.
Once you have a clear idea of what your business is and what it will deliver to your customers, it’s time to go live online. Launching your MyOilSite is simple, and takes just a few minutes and your website will be live and ready to use. Your digital platform must reflect your brand, but also engage a target audience effectively so update your personal story and information on your page through your MyOilSite dashboard. The entire experience of “getting to know your company” has to be consistent and cohesive with your brand, and with the message you’re sharing verbally and through social media and other outlets.
To drive that point home for new and potential customers, leverage your website as a learning hub with the information pre-populated for you, but also the technology allowing you to write your own blogs, share content, and more through the MyOilMarketing technology platform.
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