One of my goals as a Young Living Distributor is to introduce others to this life changing opportunity and to help each person develop and grow their own business.
As you think about your new or potential Young Living Business, consider the following.
Do you know who buys Essential Oils? Do you know why they buy them? Understanding the answer to these questions helps you define your audience, and craft content and a brand that will relate to them. (I’m glad to help answer these questions!).
As you build your business selling these great products, develop an understanding of where customer demand is strongest, and how your oils will be used. Once you learn where and how your products are needed most, you will move onto identifying the competition who has already entered that region and may already be engaging your target audience.
Researching the competition helps you understand the demographic that consumes the products already offered, and that you hope to sell. Try to answer questions like what drives a customer to return? What are the best products for the audience you’re selling into? What do the reviews say online about the company you’re representing and their products? If there’s negative information online, do you know information to combat negatives, and information to teach customers what is real and accurate information? Remember, these are the same people who will purchase and consume your product, and could ultimately become brand advocates or even business partners selling the products with you! Remember, you have two “customers”, those buying products through you, and those signing up to sell products under you. Each will require different things so be intentional on how you’re communicating with each.
So, how do you get started? Well, knowing what you need to do is obviously different than actually making it happen. As a new business owner, distributor, and evangelist of your products developing an ad campaign can be a daunting and even expensive endeavor. When getting started, don’t worry about flashy ad campaigns if you don’t have the cash on hand. The most important thing you can do is develop a thorough understanding of who you ultimately want to reach and use tools at your disposal, such as MyOilMarketing, to communicate with your audience.
If you haven’t joined Young Living yet, today is a great day to get started!  Click here to learn how to become a member and get started today!