This is My Story!

Hello. My name is Mary. I  live in Southern Arizona with my husband Rob. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful  children, 11 beautiful grandchildren and 4 precious fur babies. We are privileged to have 2 of our teenage grandsons reside with us, keeping us young, active and on our toes. And did I say active? They have boundless energy! They are active in school sports, Church Youth Group and Boy Scouts. I enjoy the freedom My Serenity Oils business gives me to participate in their lives. I am a stay at home grandma and I love every minute of it.

What are Essential Oils?

I first heard about essential oils when I attended a class on Ancient Oils of the Bible given by a friend from church. Do you know we have the same natural oils available to us today that people have used for thousands of years? Even before Jesus was born.I was intrigued. I was curious to learn more. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical. While researching, I was astounded to learn all the ways plant oils can help support our bodies physically, emotionally and mentally. How is it that I never heard about essential oil until now? More importantly, how can I get oils for my family?

What company can I trust?

I did my homework. I learned that Young Living was  founded by D.Gary Young. It is the only company that controls the process from preparing the soil to sealing the finished product.. It is called the Seed to Seal process, which preserves the integrity and potency of the production process. They are the only company that does that!  I can see why Young Living has become the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions. I encourage you to do your own research and see what a great company Young Living is for yourself.

Now what do I do?

I contacted my friend from church and ask to make me a member and order a Premium Starter Kit. It was the logical way to begin my new oil discoveries. It included 10 of the most used essential oils, a bonus “stressAway” oil blend,  a Dew Drop oil diffuser and much more! The Premium Starter kit is a $300 value……But it only cost $160!! That is an extraordinary value! I was so excited waiting for my package t o arrive. I couldn’t wait to start blessing my family with these oils. Along with my kit I received the support and guidance of The Young Living family that I had just become a member of. There are Facebook groups, websites, written material and fun Make & Take classes you can attend. They helped me discover all the ways my family could use and benefit from essential oils.

My personal testimony….

In my own personal experience I can say that the oil blend StressAway has been a blessing to me. I suffer from moderate anxiety  and Stress Away applied to my wrist helps me feel less anxious. I often apply it on the bottom of my feet to help me get a good nights sleep. Here’s a little fun fact….athletes use peppermint on the bottom of their feet to increase endurance! So guess what? Yep! My grandsons tried it! They testify that it does indeed help them play baseball better! I made a blend of Frankincense, Lavender,  PanAway and diluted it with a little fractionated coconut oil to help support the bruises/muscle soreness that comes along with the enthusiastic life of my boys. I love that I am providing support for my family without always reaching for an over the counter chemical medicine for every ache and pain.

Young Living is a total wellness company. Their products can provide support for our busy lives. They have more than amazing oils. They also have supplements, cleaning supplies, and personal care products. Did you know the average women applies  80 chemicals to her body before breakfast? How? With our makeup, hair care, skin care, and deodorant products.  Even ordinary household products can be major sources of chemical exposure that add to your body’s toxic load! No wonder many of us feel exhausted all the time. To me it is about my health and the heath of my family. I started replacing the toxic products in my home with healthier choices.Products that are  made with essential oils. My house smells amazing!

I have learned I can use my oils in many ways. I clean with them, diffuse them to reap the benefits  of their aroma, use them topically on my body, ingest them in vegetable capsules and even cook with them. Look for recipes in my blog soon. It is empowering to know  I can make a difference in the lives of my children just by teaching them about essential oils and the benefits  of a chemical free life. They in turn can teach their children and so on. You can do it too. I would love to help you order your own Premium Starter Kit to get started on your own oily journey.